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There are several types of publishing. You need to determine which one is right for you and meets your goals.

  1. Traditional Publishing: You write a manuscript, submit it to a traditional publishing house, and they have made an offer to purchase your manuscript and publish your book. You would not pay for services, they would pay you an advance and according to the terms of the contract and success of the book, you would receive royalties for books sold. This is a rare and wonderful scenario.

    You do not own your copyright, it belongs to the publisher.

  2. Vanity Publishing: Most traditional publishing houses have a vanity publishing arm. In this scenario, you pay a fee up front (ranging from $4,000 - $20,000). They design your cover and lay out your manuscript for you. You will not have artistic input into this process. They will also handle applications for your ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number). They will print a range of copies (determined by them), and usually put you into various catalogs so your book is available for book buyers. They become your book distributor as well to fulfill wholesale orders from bookstores (additional fees are involved). Some offer promotional video spots or other marketing features as part of their publishing package. Any books you sell yourself must be purchased from them at wholesale (40% off retail). You receive no royalties for books you purchase yourself, you usually do not receive royalties from books purchased by others until a certain number of books have been sold. The royalty structure gets even more complicated (and thinned out) as they have the right to offer your book on Amazon. Many also have a clause requiring you to buy back unsold copies after a specific term.

    You do not own your copyright, it belongs to the publisher.

  3. Self Publishing: This is where you take the wheel and publish on your own. Amazon's unique tools for Create Space and Kindle make this easier than ever. You design your own cover, provide your own editing and layout, find your own printer (or print through Create Space), and launch your book. For people who like to research and are "do-it-yourselfers," there is no reason you cannot pursue this course. For others, the learning curve is pretty steep. Cover design alone can be daunting, and creating trouble-free print-ready files is also a critical step. In addition to that launch strategies, marketing, and a plan for using your book to expand your ministry or business platform should be considered. There are no royalties in this situation. Your expenses are controlled by how much you do on your own and how much you hire out. All profits from your book belong to you.

    You own your copyright, free and clear.

  4. Assisted Publishing: This is what Palm Tree does. We assist authors by helping them navigate successfully through the self-publishing process. Our team is available for author coaching, content development, and editorial work. For those who have already written their manuscript and have it in a final status ready for publishing, we come alongside the author to provide cover design (with your creative input), layout and formatting, proofreading, promotional graphics, ISBN and LCCN, print-ready files, Kindle files, and assistance with creating and linking Amazon accounts. We highly recommend that authors carefully craft their platform and lead people to a desired action to connect. Some of our authors have made it to best-selling status on Amazon, many have successfully used their books to introduce their expertise and establish a speaking, coaching, or consulting career, and a few have gotten that coveted traditional publishing house advance as a result of the notice received from doing such a fantastic job self-publishing. You for the services you use. You have no limitations in use of your files for printing or promotion.

    You own your copyright, free and clear.


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