Speaking Topics

Wendy has a number of topics about which she is passionate to share. Below is a list of some audience favorites.

Intentional Imprint: Making Your Mark!

Your personal brand is an imprint of your identity, an extension of your reputation, and a purposeful encounter with the world. Get clear about your core values, core competencies, core strengths and passion. You have an assignment that will go undone if you do not rise to the challenge. Make your mark on the world as an intentional reflection of the One who made you.

The Power of Influence

Influence is a stewardship with the power to implant dreams, shape thoughts, and transform lives. When you fail to exercise your influence for good, it is a wasted seed. When maximized, you enhance the lives of those around you and impact the world with God's glory!

Intentional Neglect

When you are a slave to your own schedule, your dreams grow elusive and destiny takes a detour, Acknowledging your priorities, connecting tasks to purpose, and recognizing your limitations forces you to become deliberate in all your choices and commitments.

Raising Champions

Intentionality is at the core of Wendy's heart. Intentional parenting allows you to recognize the natural gifts, God-given talents, interests, abilities, and budding passion in your children and cooperate with it. Children are capable of remarkable things when you get behind what is already trying to emerge. Her children (now 22, 18, and 16) are all on destiny's path, thriving in their gifts and leaning into their purpose.

The Future In Your Failure

Wendy knows what it means to experience failure: financial ruin, discouragement, betrayal, fear ... but inside every failure lies the seeds to an unlimited future. Learn how to embrace the shadows to maximize the light and see practically how all things really DO work for your good.

The Big Picture

You have the ability to greater things than you have yet done. Right now might be your moment for brilliance: something you will build, establish, discover, create ... someone you will mentor, lead, develop. Your destiny isn't about you, it serves a greater purpose. See your place in the big picture and feel the surge of significance as you maximize the value of your contribution to the world.

"Insightful. Challenging. Motivating. Empowering. These are words which describe the speaking ministry of Wendy K. Walters--words that connect the heart of God to the heart of the believer. It is my joy to endorse her ministry and her life!"

Dr. Rebecca Polis

Revival Fellowship International


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"Wendy is an articulate, professional speaker who brings insightful and practical perspectives to global audiences. She challenges listeners to seek a greater good with our inherent talents, and she does this with a warm, assertive style that creates a positive motivation for results."

Phil Strong

Author, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur