Brand Yourself

Your brand is the imprint of your identity and the foundational piece of all your communication. Every encounter with you is a brand experience. Either you are clearly defining your brand, or others are carelessly defining it for you.

Lack of clarity = a weak brand. A brand is more than a snazzy logo and catchy tagline. There are many elements involved in your brand promise and each one must be carefully crafted with intention to achieve your desired purpose.

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The Brand Profile is a stand-alone product. However, the purchase price of the Brand Profile is applied to any branding package in the event consultation is initiated.

Brand Profile

The Brand Profile is a unique tool developed over several years branding clients. It stands alone as a powerful resource to clarify all the elements behind a brand promise as well systematically work to target your market and define everything from colors and symbols to fonts and messaging.

As a bonus, Wendy's work with speakers, coaches, and consultants is reflected in a valuable section dedicated just to this niche.

Target Your Market

Whether you are a speaker, coach or consultant, pastor of a church, business owner or entrepreneur, it is important to know who you are trying to reach. As part of our branding process, we spend some significant time identifying who is in your target market. Who has problems you are uniquely gifted to solve, how will they find you, what does that transaction look like?

Blue Ocean/Red Ocean

Imagine a group of fishing boats all trolling in the same water trying to catch the same fish. Competition is fierce and cutthroat. You have to be ruthless and stab at all the fish you find, often injuring them and you in the process. The waters are bloodied and red.

Now imagine if instead you took your boat out to where there were no other boats fishing. The water was clear and blue and there was a plentiful supply. Simply the right bait on the hook provides the desired catch without all that intense and stressful labor.

That is targeting your market. Where is your blue ocean? Let's find out!